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For hundreds of years, the weaving of cotton and silk cloth has played a significant role in the life of the Tai Dam women of northeastern Thailand. Rsiding in areas where cloth was not readily available, the women would weave to meet their families' needs: their clothing, bed coverings, and ceremonial costumes. The Napanad Women's Weaving Guild has been a central entity in the lieve of the village of BanNapanad and is well-known througout Thailand.



Over the years, the weavers have been able not only to meet their own weaving needs but also to create other products for purchase. However, because they live in a remote area of Thailand, sales were sporadic and few weavers in the village were able to make a living from weaving. Furthermore, because the families are subsistence farmers, the health and welfare of the families are perilously tied to each
year’s weather conditions.

In 2006 Kingdom Ventures was introduced to the weaving guild, then known as Asian Threads.
We began our relationship by employing them to weave cotton placemats for us to sell in the US. They have been faithful to learn how to serve the weaving needs of their customers.

As they have transitioned to become ThaiWeave, KVI has worked with them to bring about economic empowerment with the goal of achieving a sustainable income. Today, ThaiWeave not only sells product to KVI, but as a member of the Thai Fair Trade Association, the weavers also market to a number of top-rated hotels in Thailand through Fair Trade shows in Bangkok.